About Megalith

Megalith is the coming together of internationally successful professionals who have built multiple enterprises with deep understanding of urbanization and distinctive Indian real estate market.

The team is experienced in building large scale real estate developments, having built over 15 million square feet of residential and commercial assets along with large-scale global projects in infrastructure such as Airports and infrastructure projects in India and Americas. In their careers the team has created and managed asset portfolios of over US$1 Billion. The team has raised and deployed close to a US$ 250 million in multiple deals. The domain experience of team in construction, land acquisition, approvals, marketing and sales, facilities management and local environment control is significant.

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India Affordable Housing Opportunity

Everybody deserves a house. A house is not just the place where people live. It is the family's identity and source of confidence.
Imagine children growing up in well-developed communities and becoming contributing citizens of the this society, it is about long term Total Economic Value it brings to the society within the business principles of investment and profit.
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The vision of the development is to create a self sustained community, offering a residential choice to the EWS/LIG households. The intention is to work with interactive neighborhood, encourage open spaces, achieving high density with low FSI/FAR, establish road network connectivity and site legibility.

The illustrative conceptual master plan on the hypothetical site is the potential outcome of the development framework. It also reflects the planning principles identified for the development. The conceptual master plan will continue to undergo evolution by responding to the site conditions, revised development requirements and market conditions

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Development Design

Our ideology is about a community and not just about a shelter. It is about the identity of a family, about confidence building fot the people who live there and it is the gateway fo rtheir future aspirations.

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Our precast t echnology helps in custom designing each of
the building elements lik slabs, roofs beams, columns and ndividual wall panels.

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Rain water collection and reuse, rain water harvesting through retention and detention, dual piping for re-circulation of treated water for the flushing and landscape purposes. The local trees used for landscaping survive on rain water reducing the water consumption to minimum for landscaping

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The cluster so created can be used as a module and can be replicated in any direction based on the physical attributes of site. The module has a flexibility to be used in various sizes and combinations. The shapes so formed helps in defining open spaces and creates smaller neighbourhood spaces for interactions. 120 units so formed constitutes one floor plate of cluster-II.

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Human Resources

For a transforming venture we need "Transforming Thinking". Megalith recongizes that the overall success of the organization is directly proportional to the quality of the of the people it possesses. Be it managing fellow employees or building partnership or increasing compettiveness in a fast paced business enviornment requires expereince, qualified and innovative employees. Megalith employs proficent recruitment and rentetion practices which are the key drivers for employee growth and satisfaction. Job satisfaction in a dynamic work force becomes imperative since it has a direct impact on productivity and organization's success.

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Redefining our Conventional Construction

How to Create Modern infrastructure

Investor Relations

With a deeper understanding and preparation of the business segment, Megalith presents a unique modular business approach to address this opportunity. Megalith plans to raise additional funds to invest and expand to the other geographies within India. The approach being modular, this becomes a repeatable and scalable perpetual business for many years to come due to the situation of huge demand and meager supply.

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In The News

Sale of residential properties up 25% in top seven cities in H1 2018: Report

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Megalith to build 60,000 houses for
economically weaker sections

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Affordable housing to be a major demand
driver for housing finance in future

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Megalith adopts factory approach for
affordable housing projects

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