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The precast technology helps in custom designing each of building elements like slab, roof, beams, columns and individual wall panels, to increase the efficiency. The components are then joined at site to each other as per specification with grouts to provide rigidity and the requisite strength to the structure. This technology offers flexibility in shape and size with a variety of surface finishes. The use of such technology helps in saving up to 64% of the time taken for similar projects using normal construction methods and technology.

The cluster precast module so created for this development by combination of EWS and LIG units helps with integrated design approach. The standardization of design has helped in faster construction.

Megalith Ventures is created with a specific aim to address the needs such as Affordable Housing, Healthcare, Education and Housing, Energy for the Lower Income Group (LIG) and Economically Weaker Section (EWS) of the society.

Construction Process

1Cleaning Manufacturing Pallet

2Oiling manufacturing Pallet




6Mesh Making

7Mesh Placing Into Shuttering System

8MEP and Connecting Services



11Shipping and De-Shuttering


13Slab Panel Set-up

14Wall Panel Startup Points

15Erecting the Wall Panel

16Wall Panel Vertical Pre - Grouting Process

17Wall Panel Dowel Tube Grouting