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Human Resources

For a transforming venture we need "Transforming Thinking". Megalith recognizes that the overall success of the organization is directly proportional to the quality of the people it possesses. Be it managing fellow employees or building partnership or increasing competitiveness in a fast paced business environment requires experience, qualified and innovative employees. Megalith employs proficient recruitment and retention practices which are the key drivers for employee growth and satisfaction. Job satisfaction in a dynamic work force becomes imperative since it has a direct impact on productivity and organization's success.
Megalith embraces the best HR practices. The representation of our best HR practices is followed in simple steps as mentioned below.

Talent Acquisition: The career prospects of the individual takes precedence over all other aspects. It is centered on the overall growth of the individuals which will result in the progress of the organization. The on-boarding of the acquired talent is key for the new employee to assimilate and soak up the culture of the organization. Our induction and orientation program provides an environment where a two-way learning process between the new employee and the organization is encouraged.

Working environment: Employee engagement is key for two-way conversation. We have developed retention programs to ensure the employees are well served in their career growth and benefits them in their overall growth. Diversity and inclusivity is highly encouraged.

Growth: - We have developed a robust performance management system, talent management, learning and development. We endeavour to have our compensation and benefits not only matches the industry standards but also the employee's interests with the success of the organization joy. We encourage leadership within everyone to be a leader in their position. With leadership comes ownership which brings responsibility with a purpose.

Rewarding: Well devised incentive plans have been placed with performance linked Incentive, long term incentive plan, CSR and employee welfare benefits are in place to ensure the motivated employees are sufficiently benefited.

Should you think, you have the required drive to be part of an exciting path braking journey and possess relevant experience and education, please send your resume to hr@megalithventures.com